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International Tugboat Race on the Detroit River June 19, 2010

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International Tug Boat Race - John McCreery

1-Marvin-O-6-19-10-jm.jpg (77046 bytes)
Marvin O
2-Virginia-6-19-10-jm.jpg (92643 bytes)
3-Hogan-Virginia-6-19-10-jm.jpg (95441 bytes)
Mail boat Joseph J Hogan and tug Virginia
4-Friendship-6-19-10-jm.jpg (85630 bytes)
Friendship providing great views of the action
5-Isabelle-6-19-10-jm.jpg (69547 bytes)
6-R&R-6-19-10-jm.jpg (85511 bytes)
R&R crew color coordinated
7-R&R-6-19-10-jm.jpg (79081 bytes)
Rocking and Rolling
8-Jessie-T-6-19-10-jm.jpg (82302 bytes)
Jessie T
9-Jessie-t-6-19-10-jm.jpg (77057 bytes)
At the line
10-Race-6-19-10-jm.jpg (69021 bytes)
More participants
11-Dryden-Titan-6-19-10-jm.jpg (84369 bytes)
The Dryden boat and Titan keep it close
12-Dryden-Titan-6-19-10-jm.jpg (83590 bytes)
By a nose
13-Dykerlass-6-19-10-jm.jpg (92209 bytes)
Dykerlass enters the picture
14-Dykerlass-6-19-10-jm.jpg (93757 bytes)
Dykerlass past the post
15-Titan-6-19-10-jm.jpg (93492 bytes)
Titan sweeps away
16-Dykerlass-6-19-10-jm.jpg (92762 bytes)
The race over they now head for a sail past of Detroit side
17-Norma-B-6-19-10-jm.jpg (79859 bytes)
Norma B completes her run
18-Race-6-19-10-jm.jpg (108022 bytes)
Cool down lap off Detroit before returning to the the ceremony at Dieppe Park in Windsor
19-Josephine-6-19-10-jm.jpg (110101 bytes)
Josephine back at Windsor
20-Debbie-Lyn-Josephine-6-19-10-jm.jpg (90191 bytes)
Josephine and Debbie Lyn preparing to dock
1-Arrival-at-Dieppe-Park-6-19-10-jm.jpg (105667 bytes)
Arrival at Dieppe Park
2-Tie-up-and-going-ashore-6-19-10-jm.jpg (99025 bytes)
Time for the ceremony and party
3-Trophies-6-19-10-jm.jpg (127357 bytes)
Trophies come ashore from the Josephine
4-Dieppe-Park-6-19-10-jm.jpg (115264 bytes)
Dieppe Park, Windsor
6-Diamond-Belle-6-19-10-jm.jpg (97893 bytes)
Diamond Belle
7-Marine-Two-6-19-10-jm.jpg (100359 bytes)
Marine Two duty completed heads off
10-Isabelle-6-19-10-jm.jpg (76590 bytes)
Isabelle headed home
11-Sindbad-6-19-10-jm.jpg (120910 bytes)
Sindbad departs
12-Marvin-O-6-19-10-jm.jpg (93929 bytes)
Marvin O takes her leave
13-Red-Wing-6-19-10-jm.jpg (70050 bytes)
Aerial view of Red Wing
14-Isabelle-Marvin-O-6-19-10-jm.jpg (66740 bytes)
 Isabelle and Marvin O
15-Homeward-6-19-10-jm.jpg (69373 bytes)
Four in one as boats head away
16-Junior-O-II-6-19-20-jm.jpg (89594 bytes)
Junior C II
17-Jessie-T-6-19-10-jm.jpg (118473 bytes)
Jessie T backs away
18-Elmer-Dean-6-19-10-jm.jpg (125493 bytes)
Elmer Dean
19-Josephine-6-19-10-jm1.jpg (131452 bytes)
Josephine leaving Windsor
20-Josephine-6-19-10-jm.jpg (84886 bytes)

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