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International Tugboat Race on the Detroit River June 23, 2012

2012 International Tug Race Detroit River - Ron Piskor
1-start-6-23-2012-rjp.jpg.jpg (146180 bytes)
J.W. Westcott II in the foreground pours on the power as the race fleet approaches the starting line.
2-josephine-6-23-2010-rjp.jpg.jpg (141280 bytes)
Josephine clear of the starting line heading toward the Ambassador Bridge.
3-hogan-6-23-2012-rjp.jpg.jpg (200696 bytes)
Mailboat Joseph J. Hogan powered up.
4-hogan2-6-23-2012-rjp.jpg.jpg (183722 bytes)
Joseph Hogan slams into a river roller.
5-jww-6-23-2012-rjp.jpg.jpg (169837 bytes)
J.W. Westcott II surfs down a river wave under the Ambassador Bridge.
6-rr-6-23-2012-rjp.jpg.jpg (155806 bytes)
Tugs R&R, Jesse T and Dyker Lass above the Ambassador Bridge.
7-phoebe-6-23-2012-rjp.jpg.jpg (158314 bytes)
Tug Phoebe running along the Windsor Ontario seawall.
8-hogjww-6-23-2012-rjp.jpg.jpg (180844 bytes)
Mailboats Joseph J. Hogan and J.W. Westcott fight through the river surf along the Windsor seawall.
9-rryork-6-23-2012-rjp.jpg.jpg (167325 bytes)
Tug R&R makes a pass by downtown Detroit after crossing the finish line with the cruiseship Yorktown in the background.
1-rrwave-6-23-2012-rjp.jpg (126411 bytes)
The crew on the Tug R&R braces as they encounter a monster wave on their port side.
2-jjhogan-6-23-2012-rjp.jpg (191383 bytes)
Joseph J. Hogan takes one over the bow.

Tug boat race 2012 -  Ken Borg
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IMG_7731.jpg (103004 bytes) IMG_7736.jpg (77451 bytes) IMG_7740.jpg (88091 bytes) IMG_7763.jpg (122363 bytes)  

Tug boat race 2012 - John van der Doe
Tugboatrace-2012-(6).jpg (137970 bytes) Tugboatrace-2012-(7).jpg (164493 bytes) Tugboatrace-2012-(8).jpg (134498 bytes) Tugboatrace-2012-(9).jpg (117292 bytes) Tugboatrace-2012-(10).jpg (107009 bytes)
Tugboatrace-2012-(11).jpg (171108 bytes) Tugboatrace-2012-(12).jpg (140982 bytes) Tugboatrace-2012-(13).jpg (154098 bytes) Tugboatrace-2012-(14).jpg (153870 bytes) Tugboatrace-2012-(15).jpg (130958 bytes)
Tugboatrace-2012-(16).jpg (156231 bytes) Tugboatrace-2012-(17).jpg (194161 bytes) Tugboatrace-2012-(18).jpg (142947 bytes) Tugboatrace-2012-(19).jpg (155585 bytes) Tugboatrace-2012-(20).jpg (151382 bytes)
Tugboatrace-2012-(21).jpg (150419 bytes) Tugboatrace-2012-(22).jpg (171193 bytes) Tugboatrace-2012-(23).jpg (135747 bytes) Tugboatrace-2012-(24).jpg (151070 bytes) Tugboatrace-2012-(25).jpg (128475 bytes)
Tugboatrace-2012-(26).jpg (117610 bytes) Tugboatrace-2012-(27).jpg (118940 bytes)      

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